2014 ACWA Election Results

The Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association held its annual officer election at the January business meeting.
This year’s election was unique because nobody had been nominated for secretary before the business meeting.  I asked the membership present that evening for nominations from the floor for any of the positions.  None were received.  Next, I asked all of the nominees to come forward to introduce themselves.  I asked the nominees if anyone would like to volunteer to run for secretary.  Nobody volunteered.
At this point, I proposed that we vote for a total of six people for the board of directors positions.  The one who receives the most votes will be secretary and the next five will become the board of directors.  This was agreeable to everyone.
There was a three-way tie for first place in the BOD race.  Todd Marstall kindly volunteered to be secretary.
Five people each received a single write-in vote for secretary.  Two of the people declined. The other three were already running in the board of directors/secretary race.  The write-in votes were added to the board of directors race for each person.

The 2014 ACWA Board of Directors are as follows:

Tony Strupulis – President
Jonathan Snyder – Vice President
Bill Farling – Treasurer
Todd Marstall – Secretary
Bill Poole – Director
Jim Ridgway – Director
Steve Thomas – Director
Charles Sappah – Director
Jim Powell – Director

Tony Strupulis ACWA President

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