ACWA at the Maker Faire Anchorage

Here’s another virgin dovetailer.

This kid didn’t think hammering nails was much fun. So he got to carve a hatchet instead. He’ll have hours of fun finishing it at home.

 ACWA would like to thank the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, Maker Space Anchorage, and the Loussac Library for letting us make some woodchips on a lovely, sunny Saturday afternoon.

Mathew and Dohnn packed up some benches, tools, wood and nails and had a great time sharing our love of woodworking with kids and the young-at-heart.

Marker Faires are a growing phenomenon throughout the country. Imagine a county fair for Hackers, DIYers, Artists, Craftspeople and Makers of all stripes. It is all based around the idea of Making. Check out their magazine here. ACWA was pleased with the hot weather and terrific turnout. It’s fair to say that we had one of the more popular booths at the whole show. I don’t think there were ever fewer than a half-dozen kids pounding nails, driving screws and cutting wood. We handed out all the business cards we had! This event is sure to grow the club. We hope to get several new members.

Many people had questions about our classes, meetings and various events throughout the year. We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the upcoming months as we hope they will come back. And we really can’t wait to have even more fun at next years Maker Fair!

Joey was very excited to be working with wood. He cut his first dovetail by hand, with almost no help. Here you can see his hand-made vice.

This girl cut out a heart with a coping saw.

Here’s a collection of toys made by members of the ACWA. They were a popular attraction.


Cody from the Anchorage Community Works, building a Salmon Wacker

The kids love pounding nails into wood

Dohnn worked very hard in the hot sun with the kids all day.

This kid and his mom hung out for a half hour having lots of fun. Mathew made them a carved hatchet as a souvenir.

Here we have Mathew and his buddy Max. Max comes over to Mathew’s shop with his grandpa Pat all the time.


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