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Did you know that the ACWA has a library?

We have over 300 woodworking books & videos available for members to borrow.

We have created our library list using Google Books.  Using the Google online directory to list our library gives the following advantages:

  • The list is searchable
  • You can easily view a list of all titles
  • Pictures of most book covers are displayed
  • In most cases a short synopsis of the book is given
  • Google users can submit book reviews, so reviews may be available for some titles

Please note that the Google Books platform is simply a way to make our library list available to members.  You will not use Google Books in any way shape or form to borrow books from the ACWA Library.  It is merely a tool to create a searchable list.  You must physically visit our library, to borrow a book.

Our Library is housed at Anchorage Well and Pump, 330 East 76th Ave, Anchorage.
Anchorage Well and Pump is owned by ACWA member, Supporter, and long time Board Member Jim R.  Thanks for supporting ACWA Jim!

Pump Man Jim

Any ACWA member in good standing is welcome to borrow resources from the library.

The observe the following procedures to use the library:

  • As you come in the front door, let the receptionist to the left know that you are there to visit the woodworking club library.
  • The library is located in the board room to the right, the one with the cool workbenches!  This is also Jim’s office.  Just go on in and introduce yourself, but Please be respectful if he is on the phone.
  • The book cases are locked, the key is attached to a small notebook (log) on top of the cabinet on the far back wall
  • Videos & books are sorted alphabetically by author last name.
  • Record you name and date in the small notebook log.
  • Please limit your borrowing to 3 items or less at a time.
  • Inside each book on video/dvd case is a library card.  Please fill out your name, date and phone number.  Put the card in the small metal file box on top of the cabinet where you found the key.
  • Lock the cabinet and return the key on the top of the cabinet.
  • Please return items in a timely manner.
  • When you return them, please don’t put them back in the cabinet, put them in the cardboard box labeled “return books here” on top of the far cabinet.

You can access the library list here.  The list is not complete as of yet, so check back often.

Click here for a Google map to the ACWA Library





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    I didn’t know he had this… Cool!

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