Anchorage Makerspace


The Anchorage Makerspace is conveniently located in midtown just off

Spenard road, behind the TapRoot bar (which has its own benefits!).

A Makerspace is a shop space for artists, engineers, craftsman, DIY

enthusiasts and the tech-curious. We have two 1500 sq.ft semi-industrial

bays which are available to guests on Monday open days 6-8 pm, and to

members 24/7. Membership is $100/month and comes with full and

unrestricted access to tools and facilities at the space.

In our Shop space we have a full woodworking shop with table saws, band

saws, lathes, drill presses, routers, hammer, screws and all the nuts

and bolts you would ever need. A mig welder, acetylene torch and welding

table are also available. The Shop also features a 2×2 foot Shapoko 2

CNC mini-mill and a 4×8 foot BigFoot CNC Router table which was just

constructed and got its first light in January.

The Maker Cafe is our recently remodeled adjacent space beside the Shop,

dedicated to electronics, arts, crafts, computing, robotics and

meeting/events space. Modeled after Cafe for comfort and to facilitate

gatherings, planning sessions and special events the Cafe features a

variety of 3D printers, a large format plotter and a 4×3 foot, 100 Watt

CO2 Laser Cutter which is the pride and joy of our makerspace.

The Anchorage Makerspace is a membership driven community resource,

always looking for new things to do and things to learn. Our biggest

asset is the collective knowledge of our members and our dedication to

the proliferation of knowledge, skills and having fun exploring arts and


For more information contact or phone (907)


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