Artistry in Wood 2017 winners

In case you missed our last meeting, three of the peoples choice winners were present to show and discuss their projects.

The scrollers were represented by Robert who tells us that his project was based on a photo of himself with his dog and a tank while on duty with the Air Force in Iraq in 2006.  Check out the story of Roberts “war dog” Aron here.  Robert learned about scrolling from his father.  Take a look at to see more about the process that Robert uses and some items for sale.

The winner of the carvers best of show, Gino, understandably did not bring his piece to show.  He did however bring a smaller example of his work as well as many of the tools he used over the past four years to shape a giant burl that was growing around the base of an 18″ diameter by 50′ tall tree on a friends farm in Palmer into a beautiful glass topped table.

Eric once again entered his latest dulcimer and won best of show for the wooworkers.  Eric has been building dulcimers since 2010 and he and his wife Christina both play the instruments.  They brought in three examples from their collection.  This year Eric has branched out into guitar making – one of which he entered into this years show.

The winner of the turners peoples choice could not be with us at the meeting but below is a picture of his project.


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  1. Tim Weglarz says:

    I need a very tiny amount of brown aniline alcohol soluble dye powder to stain a guitar bridge and complete a project. Does anyone know of a local source or be willing to sell/trade for 1/16 tsp? Please help. Thanks

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