Drill Press Table

The woodworkers are in the process of building new workbenches for use in club classes and events.  We need to bore holes in the bench tops for dog holes and vise bolts.  Club member Don F. recently got a new drill press and we thought it would be the perfect machine for all of the holes we need to drill.  The only problem was Don hadn’t had time to build an auxiliary table yet.  Club members Jonathan S., Bill P., and Tony S. got together to build Don an auxiliary table.  Jonathan and Bill donated T-track hardware and wood for the table.

We took the bench tops to Don’s shop.  Don said we are welcome to use his drill press, but he apologized that he didn’t have a table for it yet.  Jonathan said we might have something that would work.  Don was very happy with his new table!



Apoligies for the poor cell phone pictures.


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  1. Everette Burk says:

    Nice table guys.

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