Heritage School of Woodworking Special Offer for ACWA Members

We were recently contacted by the good folks at the Heritage School of Woodworking in Waco Texas.  Some of you may remember when Instructor Frank Strazza came to Anchorage to teach a class for us.  Frank and the good folks at Heritage School of Woodworking would like to offer all ACWA members a special on their new high quality, HD online woodworking courses.

Here is a message from Frank

“I have been hard at work with a top notch filming crew to try to capture some of what we have been teaching in our classroom for many years.
See the new online courses here:

Our goal is to take you in a very step by step approach to handtool woodworking. We start with sharpening, then go through a series of exercises that will teach you some very important foundational hand skills. Then we will start into some simple projects using those same skills that you just learned. We will then progress into more advanced projects.

As you may know already, Heritage School of Woodworking has been creating and teaching traditional handcrafts with hand tools for over 20 years. Please check the Project Gallery, Award-winning Teachers and most important, our Student’s own testimonials:

There are several free online classes so you can preview. Check them out. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 2 day free trial. When you order, type in our new 20% off deal for all our woodworking classes, courses and memberships: 20%OffDeal. And please tell your family, friends and colleagues. Thanks for joining us!”

For those of you not familiar with Franks work, here is an example!  You can check out Frank’s blog here.

Photo courtesy of Heritage School of Woodworking

Photo courtesy of Heritage School of Woodworking



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  1. Mathew says:

    Thanks for posting this, Jonathan. I hope you get to meet Frank sometime. He’s an exceptional teacher.

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