Krenov Style Hand Planes!

Here is the stock for the Krenov style planes we will build in the upcoming ACWA member led class.  Come to this months meeting for details and to sign up for the class.

Maple plane billets.


The stock was kindly donated by ACWA club member Greg M.  We will be following the methods outline by David Finck.




Comments & Responses

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  1. Charles S says:

    Count me in, gonna be fun!

  2. Jeff Schrader says:

    Whoa! Those are big blanks. Are we making block, smoother or jointer planes?

    • Jonathan says:

      We are making smoothers. A longer blank is a bit easier to work with. We will shoot for about 7.5-8″ long. A member donated a stick of 8/4 maple, so we will be laminating the blanks to get the required width. What you are the over size blanks waiting to be glued up and milled to size.

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