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ACWA will be hosting Peter Follansbee here in Anchorage for two class in April & May 2015.

17th Century style Carved Box Class

This will be a three-day class held on Saturday April 25th through Monday April 27th. Peter will be teaching us to make a carved box similar to the one pictured below.

box finished April 2011

Photo courtesy of Peter Follansbee


Photo courtesy of Peter Follansbee

We will be working with boards rather than rived green wood as Peter usually does.

Tuition for this 3 day class will be $375 plus a materials fee for the lumber. Students must provide their own tools.  Peter has kindly given us a list as follows:

Layout tools – square, awl, marking gauge, compasses
Crosscut saw for cutting boards to length
smooth plane
Wide chisel –  1 ½” – for paring the rabbets
Boring tools – small diameter, about ¼” to 5/16” is best, for holes for wooden pins. Smaller bit for pilot holes for wrought nails that secure the bottoms & cleats
small hammer for driving pins & nails.

Carving tools:
Peter notes that “picking tools for relief carving is always difficult – the “sweep” or curvature, is not uniformly designated from one manufacturer to another. Some of the most common carving tools today are the Swiss-Made, by Pfiel. So tools like these are all the students need – we can design patterns to suit the tools at hand. So hopefully this will help.”


Photo courtesy of Peter Follansbee

In addition to a mallet Peter recommends the following gouges

  1. V-tool, 6mm (mine’s a Pfeil #15)
  2. Shallow gouge, 12mm (Pfeil #5)
  3. Larger gouge, 18mm (Pfeil #7)
  4. Medium gouge, 5/8” (this one’s an oldie, a 5/8” Buck Bros with more curve than the Pfeil #7)
  5. Medium gouge, 3/4” (like the one above, just a tad wider)
  6. Deep gouge, about 7/16” (I use a Henry Taylor- probably about a #8 sweep
  7. One-inch wide shallow gouge (A modern Ashley Iles with the same curve as the Pfeil #7)
  8. Narrow deep gouge, 8mm or 5/16” (one of my smallest, it is a Pfeil #8)

If you would like to register for this class please visit our Class Registration Page.

Green Wood Spoon Carving

The second class with Peter will be green wood spoon carving.  This class will involve hatchet work for roughing out the blanks.  Class will be held Friday May 1st & Saturday the 2nd.

Below are a few photos of some of Peters Spoons.


Photo courtesy of Peter Follansbee


Photo courtesy of Peter Follansbee


Photo courtesy of Peter Follansbee

We will be using green birch for our spoons.  Tuition for this 2 day class will be $200.  There will not be a materials fee for this class.  Club member Don F. has graciously offered to donate a birch tree.

Students will need to provide their own axe for roughing out the blanks as well as a straight carving knife.  Peter will have sharp curved knives to loan to students if you don’t have one.

Peter has kindly provided a three page guide to help us choose appropriate tools for this class.  Please be sure to take a look at this.

If you are interested in both classes we are able to offer a special tuition rate of $500 to attend both classes.  That’s five days of instruction with a world-renowned instructor for less than the cost of a plane ticket outside!   Each class is limited to 12 students, and there has been a lot of interest, don’t delay in registering, or you might miss out.

If you would like to register for this class please visit our Class Registration Page.

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