November 2012 ACWA General Meeting

Recap: After attending to some club business, namely the future of the Wood Chip, Dennis, Dohnn and Tony presented on portable workbenches. This was followed by some show and tell by Don and Steve.

Thanks to Mathew for the pictures and getting this blog post started.  I thought I would add a bit of followup on benches.

It seems that Chris Schwarz, workbench guru, blogged about Rules for Workbenches today on his Popular Woodworking Magazine blog.  It’s a good read.  Does Dohnn’s portable bench adhere to Chris’s rules????  Chis is also the author of Workbenches From Design & Theory to Construction & Use and The Workbench Design Book.  I highly recommend both books if you are planning on building a workbench.  Other must read books on work benches include  The Workbench Book by Scott Landis and The Workbench: A Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect Bench by Lon Schleining

Chris Schwarz also recently blogged about another interesting portable bench which he refers to as the Modern Milkman’s Workbench.  I really like that one.

Although not portable, Aldren Watson has plans for a fold up closet workbench in his book Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings.  This would be perfect for the apartment woodworker who uses hand tools.  If you are interested, this book is available in the ACWA Club Library!  Dont know about the club library, just ask!

As a last thought for those of you interested in shaker boxes, ACWA member Merlin H. Just sent me a link to John Wilson’s website.

Do you know of some cool portable workbench planes, post a link in a comment below.



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  1. Jeff Schrader says:

    This was another awesome meeting that was packed with excellent useful information. Kudos to the presenters and to the board for putting this together. I hope Mathew is able to do a SketchUp of Dohnn’s portable bench 2.0. Its the best version I have seen yet and has great potential for other uses such as an assembly table or sanding station. I look forward to future club meetings such as this one, or possibly another weekend class to make our own version of Dohnn’s bench.



  2. Dohnn Wood says:

    The biggest faux pas I think of my bench in Chris’s test would be mass. However this bench is meant to be portable, so mass is a bit of a hindrance. I think I’ll add some rabbets to the leg stretchers so I can lay a shelf on them, then in classes they can support my tool boxes and the tools will add mass. Hope everyone enjoyed the presentation, and took something away from it. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask them here and I’ll try to reply in a timely manner. Dohnn

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