Repost: “Roses” Frank Strazza’s Latest Project

We lost this one when the website imploded, so this is a repost.

ACWA member Dohnn W. was surfing the Homestead Heritage Woodworking School’s website and noticed Frank Strazza’s latest masterpiece.

In November 2010, ACWA hosted Frank Strazza here in Anchorage for a weekend class.  Frank taught ACWA members to make a small decorative dovetailed box.  As a member of ACWA you have access to world class woodworking instructors, without ever leaving Alaska.

Did you take the ACWA class from Frank when he was here?  If so, leave a comment below.

Who would you like the ACWA to invite to Anchorage to teach a woodworking class?  Leave a comment below.

Check out the photo gallery, from the ACWA sponsored Frank Strazza Class


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