Sawbenches at the October Meeting

Ron Herman-Style Sawbench by ACWA Member Russ

Saw Benches
Hi Folks.

The October ACWA meeting seemed to be a sawing success. Lots of interest in saw benches and Russ’ hand built backsaws. I know there has been some e-mail traffic between some members talking about building a saw bench. I figured this would be a good opportunity to get some content up on our new web site.
Chris Schwarz has built several iterations of saw benches. For those of you who don’t know of Chris Schwarz, he is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine and the Proprietor of Lost Art Press

One version of his saw bench can be found here.   Note the link to the PDF of the Woodworking Magazine Article

This blog entry has links to a Sketchup model and a construction drawing for the style bench that Jonathan brought to the meeting.

Here is a link to the bench that Matthew & Steve built.

Finally, here is Chris’ latest iteration.    If you want more than just plans, check out Chris’ Build a Saw Bench DVD. 

Russ built his bench in the style of Ron Herman’s as featured in the August 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking.  Ron is a Traditional Housewright who owns Antiquity Builders in Ohio.   He builds homes using only period hand tools.  Check out this popular woodworking article.   I have been unable to find any plans for this saw bench, but there is a nice build-a-long here.

Jeff S, seems quite interested in building the bench and compiled these notes from the Popular Woodworking Article.  “To build this bench, first, establish the dimensions that fit your anatomy and size.  The length should be around 36”.  The width should be as wide as your hip bones to allow you to comfortably straddle it.  Ron’s bench is made out of single-width white oak boards that look like 1”×12”.  The height should be the height just below your knee cap.  An overall height of around 20″ is in the ball park. The sides will be somewhat shorter to allow for the feet to be added later, but leave them long until the carcass and feet are made to make the final determination.”  Thanks Jeff.

Several folks asked Russ about suppliers for backsaw parts, for the next post, I’ll compile a list of suppliers that I know of.  Stay tuned.



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