SketchUp Class was a success

The class was a success. Thanks to Dale, who is the organizer of Makerspace Anchorage. He got us the venue at the Municipal Permit Office. Thanks to the Makerspace for all the enthusiastic participants. It would have been a small class in a big room without their participation. We had five ACWA members and ten Makers. Make that eleven, one is not pictured here.

We covered two topics: How to optimize your model for printing and how to build custom materials/textures. That is a lot of ground for beginners to get through in four hours.

We were able to build a classroom of computers that could all run SketchUp. And then take it all back down. Which brings me to Dale’s point about building an actual, physical Maker Space in Anchorage.

There are many exciting things happening in the ACWA and the Maker Space. I look forward to more collaboration.


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