So you want to build a backsaw eh?

Cocobolo Tenon Saw built by ACWA Member Russ
Photo by Russ

At the October ACWA meeting Russ, a new member brought several backsaws that he had recently made.  The saws were quite nice and may of fondled and drooled over them.  Many members expressed interest in building a saw and questioned Russ about where he obtained the necessary parts.  In light of all the interest, I thought I would put together a list of suppliers that I know of.  If you know of others not listed here, please leave a comment.

To build a back saw you will need the following parts:
Saw plate (usually 1095 spring steel)
Spines (backs), either folded (traditional) or slit
Saw nuts
Wood for the handle and perhaps a handle template

Pre cut saw plates in various thicknesses with teeth punched in various configurations are available from:  Dominic Greco at TGIAG (Two Guys in a Garage) Toolworks

Saw nuts may be obtained from Tools for Working Wood

Spines are the difficult to source item.  Wenzloff and Sons is the only supplier I know of, but as I understand Mike has been having some health problems, does not show any stock available.  One option is to find an old abused back saw on E-Bay or other source and pirate the back.  These will usually be folded backs, so it’s best to get the back first and then order a saw plate in the correct thickness.  I have a few feelers out, if I’m able to find a supply of backs, I’ll update this post.

Update – I have found an intermittent supplier for slit brass backs, saw nuts & saw plates.  This is the fellow, that Russ obtained his materials from.  Please contact Ron at BontzWoodWorks AT gmail DOT com if you are interested, Ron currently has some stock on hand at very attractive prices.

If you are adventurous and have access to a break you might try folding your own backs.  Check out Leif’s backsaw project.

Heck you all know where to get wood for the handle.  Handle templates can be found at TGIAG courtesy of Dominic.  There is also a nice selection of open and closed handle templates at

Leave a comment below and let us know if you plan to build a backsaw.




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  1. Dennis says:

    Back saw class would be enjoyed.

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