We Made Some Shavings, with our New Hand Planes

The ACWA sponsored Krenov style hand plane was a success!  Everyone walked away with a functional plane, although most still have some shaping to do.  Our newest member Dave, did quite well on his first hand tool woodworking project.  Merlin made big improvements in his planing and sawing technique.  Mike showed up with a beautiful set of pristine Buck Bros bench chisels, and of course Don F. managed to find something to turn on the lathe!! A god time was had by all.

Here is a Picture of Member Russ G.’s  finished plane.  I’ll post more pictures later in the week.


Here’s Steve’s plane built at the class.


I wanted to thank Jonathan, Tony and Dohnn for putting on our plane
making class this past weekend.  I’d also like to thank Don Fall for
hosting at his workshop.  I had a blast!  I learned a lot and thoroughly
enjoyed the weekend.  Thanks guys!  Without your hard work, dedication
and drive our club would not be as much fun.

Some of you asked about my spokeshave from Dave’s Shaves.  Dave is
highly regarded in the spokeshave world.


This link shows the kit that Dave offers.
http://www.ncworkshops.com/parts_service.html   I think its around $70.
It’s a more expensive option to the the LV Veritas kit
(with instructions
http://www.leevalley.com/US/shopping/Instructions.aspx?p=49758), but
includes a blank with  the blade mortise already cut and post holes
drilled.  I am not recommending one option over the other – just
providing an alternative and some info that some of you asked for.

Also, here is the link to the Moxxon vise hardware from Benchcrafted.
http://www.benchcrafted.com/MoxonVise.html.  Don Fall had asked for
this, so I thought I’d share with others in the class.  The hardware kit
is $149.  You can buy a complete vise from them for $400 if you are
feeling particularly wealthy.  It looks like they have updated the
handwheels to a more stylish look since I bought mine.  They also sell
other bench hardware.

Best wishes on completing your wooden hand planes.  My unfinished plane
is now in the queue behind my unfinished Stanley tool cabinet and my
other started-but-unfinished projects in the shop.  Maybe I’ll actually
finish it before Artistry in Wood 2014 (or 15).  Jonathan, Mathew and I
are planning on making the Roubo frame saw in the upcoming months.  Who
know how long it will take for me to get that finished!  I need to start
spending more time in the workshop and quit working so much.

Have fun,


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