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Welcome to the virtual home of the Alaska Creative Woodworkers Associations (ACWA).  We are a diverse group of woodworkers based in Anchorage, Alaska.   Our Club was established in 1984 and we continue to grow and promote woodworking as a hobby in the Great Land.

The ACWA is made up of the following three groups:

ACWA Mission Statement

The AWCA is organized as a nonprofit organization for the following purposes:

  1. To preserve, enhance and pass on to future generations the cultural traditions and techniques associated with the art of fine woodworking.
  2. To promote wider community interest in woodworking as an art form and creative craft through meetings, shows, events, demonstrations, competitions and educational activities.
  3. To provide guidance and aid for woodworkers who may draw upon the aggregate experience and knowledge of other Association members.
  4. To create opportunities for fellowship with others who share an interest in wood working regardless of their sex, race, religion, or level of woodworking experience.
  5. To give the general public greater opportunities to experience the visual and tactile pleasures unique to the appearance and appreciation of fine woodworking pieces.

We are governed by By our elected board of Directors

2015 ACWA Board of Directors


Tony Strupulis, President

Charles Sappah, Vice President

Jeremy Hans, Secretary

Bill Farling, Treasurer


Bill Poole

Steve Thomas

Ron LaFord

Don Fall

Alan Combs

ACWA Bylaws can be found here.

Jonathan Snyder serves as Membership Coordinator and Web Master


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