Woodworking Demonstrations for King Career Center Students

Lowell K. the carpentry shop teacher at King Career Center recently asked ACWA if we would consider coming into the shop and doing some demonstrations for the students.  Of course we accepted the invitation.  Lowell really wanted to expose the student to other types of woodworking.  Today Bill P. Dave J. Steve T, Dohnn, W and Jonathan S. spent four with the students.  Dohnn and Bill turned bowls, Dave demonstrated biscuit joinery, Steve explained and demonstrated some of the basic hand tools needed to build furniture and Jonathan demonstrated hand cut dovetails.  We only had each group of students for two hours, so we broke them down into small groups and did 8 demonstrations each.

We were impressed with all of the students, they were polite, inquisitive, and engaged.  King Career Center is doing a great job training our future work force.




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